Christian Latino

Academic Degrees

-B.A. in Psychology, UCLA, 2006 
-Ph.D. student in Counseling Psychology, The University of Iowa, 2013-2020 (expected) 

Professional Experience

-2010, Manager of Operations, IMS Health
-2010-2012, Community Organizer, Peace Corps Mexico
-2013-2014, Graduate Research Assistant, Project SEALED, The University of Iowa
-2014-Present, Project Consultant, Interdisciplinary Consortium for Applied Research in Education (I-CARE) , The University of Iowa

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

-American Psychological Association, Graduate Student Affiliate
-American Psychological Association Division 17 - Society for Counseling Psychology, Graduate Student Affiliate

Grant Activity

Through my work at I-CARE, I am currently involved in work on an NSF proposal for Undergraduate STEM Education.

Personal Statement

I believe that our current education system should continue to strive for higher goals so that it not only teaches our youth academic skills, but also teaches capacities around personal development. Presently, there is a great focus on improving students' abilities to succeed in math, science, reading, etc. These skills, without a doubt, are important for human beings' growth in their ability to use reason. However, these skills may not directly translate to being a person who is compassionate, sharing, cooperative, and a good world citizen.

Since academic rigor does not necessarily equal personal development, schools should incorporate more work around how individuals ought to live in their everyday lives. These skills, when developed, will draw out our ability to strive for true happiness, which is not achieved strictly through financial gain. Paired with the development of academic capacities, society could find itself very balanced in both its economic and interpersonal domains, with a stronger focus on overall well-being.


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