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Eureka High School, Illinois

In 2011, Director of Guidance and Test Supervisor Jason Bachman conducted an independent research study on the effectiveness of the ZAPS test-preparation seminars using predictor scores from the official ACT PLAN tests as a baseline. He compared actual ACT performance of students who participated in the ZAPS program against those who did not participate.


Relative to predicted scores, fewer than 30% of the control group scored at the high end or above the predicted range. By contrast, of the students who participated in the ZAPS program, 50% scored at the high end or above the predicted range.


The data collected serves as credible evidence that there is a positive relationship between the ZAPS seminars and higher performance on the ACT.

-Jason Bachman, Director of Guidance and Test Supervisor, Eureka H.S., Eureka, IL

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High School Student

Very very very amazing seminar. I learned so much. Definitely loved the presenter. She was easy to understand. Helped a ton!!

Brandon, Pine Creek H.S., CO

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