Doorway to College


Supporting the Transition to Higher Education

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, Doorway to College’s primary mission is preparing students for their transition to higher education, whether they choose a community college or a selective university. Every day, we strive to inspire students to take control of the college admissions process. We work to spark each student’s enthusiasm for college prep so they begin to build the foundation for their dreams of the future.

Working directly with the schools, our common goal is to arm young scholars with solid strategies to achieve competitive scores and succeed in the transition from high school to higher education. Our mission includes serving families and schools in the following areas.

Foundation for College Exploration

  • Development and incorporation in elementary, middle, and high schools of programs and classroom features that help students see college in their future and realize their own potential to participate in higher education
  • Assistance and encouragement in elementary, middle, and high schools to incorporate the Common Core and the STEM objectives in all appropriate areas of the curriculum

Test Preparation

  • Preparation for the PSAT, the SAT, and the ACT through strategy instruction in classroom groups or online
  • Preparation for the PSAT, the SAT, and the ACT through subject-specific instruction in small-group tutoring online

College Readiness, Selection, and Application Guidance

  • Guidance in preliminary screening of students’ higher education preferences, with a focus on matching their individual characteristics and needs with the known distinguishing characteristics of each college and university
  • Guided assistance with every aspect of the college application process, with an emphasis on avoiding common errors
  • Guidance for preparing the admission application and required essay
  • Assistance with making a final decision between the available higher education options
  • Guidance in applying for financial aid and campus housing

Preparing for College after Acceptance

  • Orientation for both parents and students in preparing for the transition to the chosen institution of higher education, taking into account diverse cultural, personal, and family backgrounds
  • Orientation and encouragement for students to establish a personal relationship with the Academic Advisement services available at the institution of choice

Maintaining a High School Connection

  • Establishment within each high school of a "reach-back" program for bringing alumni back into the school to inform, inspire, and prepare future college-bound students

We have made great strides in some of these areas and have much more work ahead of us in others. We invite you to join us as we strive to make our mission a reality. Contact us at

High School Student

I loved this! If we had more programs like this, I would go to them just because of how much it's helping.

Sara, Cheyenne South H.S., WY

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