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To make our ACT and SAT test-prep training easier to access, we're taking our workshops on the road. Even if your school district isn't bringing ZAPS seminars to your area in 2019, you still have the opportunity to participate in a live session!

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In four independent school studies, the ACT composite scores of 576 students prove the effectiveness of ZAPS test-prep seminars

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In two independent studies conducted in Illinois, SAT composite scores of 170 high school juniors prove the effectiveness of ZAPS test-prep seminars

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Participate in the same, top-quality ACT and SAT test preparation you'd get in a live strategy seminar - but without leaving home

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Looking for ACT and/or SAT test prep that's much less expensive than other options - and requires much less of a time commitment? After attending only one five-hour ZAPS session, you'll experience impressive results. You'll learn:

  • How to handle each question type to save time during the test
  • What to expect about the types and difficulty levels of questions
  • How to gain points even when you're not sure of correct answers
  • Effective time-management techniques
  • Specific techniques, strategies, and study tips for each subtest
  • A plan for writing a high-scoring essay on any topic
  • How to effectively use study time in the days leading up to the test

As part of the seminar, you'll also receive a complete study guide for the test you're taking (ACT or SAT), along with work booklets on each subject area. You'll also gain access to online practice tests you can take home with you.


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Check out the map below to see where we'll be - and then click on the city of your choice to learn more about when we'll be there (and how you can sign up).


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